Rick    and  Morty 

Season 6

Rick and Morty will be coming back to Adult Swim with its highly anticipated Season 6 of the series, and surprisingly there is quite a bit you need to know before sitting down to check out the new episodes!

As always, Rick and Morty Season 6 is airing on Adult Swim — the after-hours version of Cartoon Network.

Rick and Morty Season 6 premieres its first episode on Adult Swim on Sunday, September 4th at 11:00PM EST. 

season 6

Rick and Morty Season 6 will run for ten episodes in total, but it's yet to be revealed at the time of this writing whether or not all ten episodes will air over the next ten weeks.

Rick and Morty continues to be one of the weirdest shows on TV. With the sixth season set to debut at the start of September

Rick and Morty is almost back and Dan Harmon’s show has a lot of questions to answer after last season’s cliffhanger.

rick and morty

Adult Swim dropped a short ad showing an egg in a tube with green fluid as the background explodes around it.

Evil Morty used up all the Citadel’s remaining fluid to escape and destroyed most of the Ricks and most of the Mortys in the process.

rick and morty 

How many universes have been left untouched by Rick? Maybe his portal fluid is the key to interdimensional travel with the curve out of the picture.